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Pulse is an advanced multi-channel broadcast automation system designed to simplify complex digital media acquisition and playout workflows.  Optimized for Harmonic's Spectrum™ video server technology, Pulse is a highly scalable, cost-effective solution capable of controlling hundreds of channels while minimizing complexities.  Built with enterprise environments in mind, Pulse delivers the stability and reliability required by mission critical environments, 24/7.

Flexible Control

Pulse enables operators to easily view and control any number of channels from a single user interface.  With it's unique design, Pulse enables multiple operators to simultaneously view and control the same pool of channels from any internal or external location.  Administrators can even allocate specific channels to specific users at any time enabling greater control of day to day operations.

Flexible Infrastructure

Pulse is modular by design, making it easy and cost-effective to scale with your infrastructure needs.  Each module, channel, and user connection are individually licensed giving you the flexibility and piece of mind that when it comes time to scale your environment, Pulse will easily scale along with it.

Pulse Channel Status
  • Client / server architecture with multi-user authentication.
  • Modular architecture enabling cost-effective customization based on infrastructure needs.
  • Enable or disable specific modules and video server channels per user.
  • Control an unlimited number of video server channels from one centralized interface.
  • Multiple workstations can control the same video server channels simultaneously regardless of device / control protocol limitations.
Pulse Template Builder
  • Native API support for Harmonic's Spectrum™ Media Server Systems.
  • Video server hardware agnostic: integrated using standard control protocols such as VDCP, AMP, or Sony's BVW / P2 serial control protocol (RS‑422).
  • Format agnostic: fully compatible with SD, HD, UHD 4k, UHD 8k, and beyond.
Pulse Template Builder
  • Easily create custom, reusable, dynamic naming templates for ingesting material.
  • User-defined "tokens" allow you to fully customize and tailor clip names to suit your workflow.
  • Simultaneously copy / rewrap media to any UNC network storage path during ingest to enable edit‑while‑record workflows.
Pulse Playout Control Pulse QuickShot
  • Designate specific video server channels for playout purposes.
  • Browse and filter video server clip storage with thumbnails.
  • Quickly build playlists using drag & drop functionality.
  • Familiar hold / drop / recue controls make it easy to control the flow of playback.
  • Fully integrated MOS protocol enabling real-time updates from popular Traffic and Media Asset Management systems.
Pulse Scheduler
  • Automate primary and secondary events using Pulses powerful built-in scheduling engine.
Pulse Log and Capture
  • Create batch capture lists to digitize tapes.
  • Import/Export batch lists using ALE, EDL (CMX3600), or CSV file formats.

Minimum Server Requirements

ComponentMinimum Specification
Operating System Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard
CPU 2.0 GHz dual-core processor minimum, 2.4 GHz quad-core processor recommended
Memory 4 GB RAM minimum, 8 GB RAM recommended
Hard Drive 50 MB minimum
Network Interface 1 x GbE Interface, 2 x GbE Interfaces recommended

Minimum Client Requirements

ComponentMinimum Specification
Operating System Windows 7
CPU 2.0 GHz dual-core processor
Memory 2 GB RAM minimum, 4 GB RAM recommended
Hard Drive 50 MB minimum
Network Interface 1 x GbE Interface
Further Information
+1 818 334 5220
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